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About the
Global Peace Flag

The Global Peace Flag is a Non-Governmental Organization that connects humanity through canvases created from discarded fabrics.

Our mission is to promote peace and understanding across different cultures and nations.

We achieve this through educational programs and by asking individuals to draw their commitments towards peace on our canvases, which are then displayed in public spaces and country borders around the world.

The Global Peace Flag collaborates with non-profit organizations worldwide, amplifying their programs on a global scale.

What we do:

The Global Peace Flag focuses on core work areas including peace, youth empowerment, and climate action. We achieve our mission through the following:

  1. Collaboration and Expertise: Bringing together experts to address global challenges.

  2. Peace Promotion: Facilitating transitions to peace, promoting dialogue, and fostering reconciliation to build trust.

  3. Education for Peace: Creating educational programs that promote peace and equity.

  4. Fashion for Justice: Utilizing fashion as a tool for social and environmental justice.

Why we do it:

The Global Peace Flag initiative is dedicated to establishing an institute that serves as a hub for nurturing future leaders committed to fostering peaceful and equitable societies worldwide. At the core of this institute is a mission to cultivate sustainable living practices and peaceful methodologies. Through innovative approaches, including sustainable township practices, the institute aims to cultivate an environment that not only benefits human communities but also promotes the well-being of animals. By instilling these values in the leaders of tomorrow, the institute seeks to pave the way for a more harmonious and sustainable future for all.



We work closely with partners from international and regional organizations, foundations, universities, and civil society. By channeling expertise and convening stakeholders, we forge coalitions of trusted influence to enact meaningful change.



Our organization is funded by both public and private donors. We prioritize transparency and integrity in funding sources, ensuring contributions are politically untied and beyond reproach.


Join us in our mission to spread peace and make a difference in the world.

At Global Peace Flag, we are committed to promoting peace and understanding. We believe that every individual has the power to make a difference and create positive change in the world. Join our community of peace advocates and make your commitment towards peace today.



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